Innovation Forums: The Latest Advances in Computer Vision & Its Applications

Moderator: Ting Yu

Mei Han
Director of PingAn AI Institues
Talk Title: Computer Vision R&D at PingAn Technology

In this talk, I’ll describe the research and development efforts in Computer Vision area at PingAn Technology, especially US Research Labs. Our projects span over the application areas of Smart City, Agriculture Supervision, Pedestrian Behavior Analysis, Medical Image Segmentation, AI Painting and beyond. I’d share my experiences of applying the technologies to making impacts to businesses, and advancing the technologies in the research community.

Mei Han is the director of PingAn AI Institues. Her research fields are in the areas of video analysis, visual tracking, object detection, geometric modeling, image processing, computer vision and machine learning. Prior to joining PAII, she held the position of research scientist at Google and research staff member at NEC Labs America. Technologies developed by Dr. Han and her colleagues are at the core of the company Vidient's innovative surveillance products. Mei Han holds Doctorates in Robotics and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and Tsinghua University.