Conference Hotel

Shenzhen Kylin Villa

Address: 4599 Qinyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Phone: 86-755-26618888

Website: Hotel website

Why Stay at the Conference Hotel?

You'll be in the center of conference activity, that's why! You'll be able to network easily with other conference attendees. You'll have a better conference experience overall. But there are other reasons that you need to consider before you look at a hotel outside the official MIPR housing block.

The conference staff have taken their role of finding a conference site very seriously. They have looked at a number of locations and evaluated the needs of attendees as well as the need for conference meeting space. Based on a guaranteed percentage of attendees staying in official conference hotels, the hotels provide discounted rates from their normal charges.

If the conference does not meet the contracted sleeping room commitment, the hotel in some cases can charge the association for the missing revenue. Unfilled rooms can cost the association thousands of dollars which can apply pressure to increase the conference registration fees to offset these costs.

So, please support the conference and the association by staying at the official conference hotels. We think you will find the increased networking opportunities, quality hotel services and amenities, and proximity to the conference activities to be worth it!

About Hotel

Shenzhen Kylin Villa nestles at the foot of the Kylin Mountain in Nanshan District, Shenzhen and lying beside the beautiful Swan Lake. It is the designated venue for governmental meetings and accommodations, and is the official reception hotel of the 26th Summer Universiade (Shenzhen) and China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo and other significant events. Since its opening up, the Kylin Villa has gained good reputation for its quality service for the clients.